11 April 2013

Take it or Leave it.

Assalamualaikum w.b.k and may Allah SWT protect us from shaitaan and guide us all the way.

I believe that all of you out there will spontaneously understand what the title of this post is trying to talk about, yes it is, Dilemma.

Being called to sit for an examination or attend an interview session for any SPA jobs is actually the thing that the most awaited for before this. Yeah, for a long time, after graduating on that remarkable day.

Days lapse, it turns to otherwise. I was thinking of being an absentee for this upcoming exam since I've faced some experience that make my 'light-off'.

But, I still in the midst of TAKE and LEAVE. Friends, colleagues and family put their prayers for me to attend the exam. Reason, just to try and to get some experience on it. Arghhh

For me, I just leave everything to Allah SWT, to show me the signs whether I should go and sit for the exam or otherwise. 

# May Allah SWT show me the right path and turn the 'light' on. Ameen

Acid Khoudri
Papar | 10.00PM