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Exam Schedule: Good Luck

"There's no need to complicate, our time is short, this is our fate, I'm yours.." by Jason Mraz.
Will start this entry with "Allahuakbar"... A word simply shows that I am now quite happy. After being told by a friend of mine, my exam schedule was changed, I really hope that the new schedule will be more better than the former. 

All praises to Allah The Almighty, the new schedule just make me happy and feel like I should grab this chance and opportunity to score for this semester. Even few seniors said that this semester is the most tough one, I will prove that it will not be the same again as they faced before.
May Allah grant me wisdom to do my best on this coming exam. InshaAllah. So what are you waiting for? Jom Study !!

for the pikcher, credit to my true friend, Nazim Amzed. Thanks!

It's study week friend !

"Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side, It's the climb" - The Climb by Miley Cyrus

When the lectures and classes are declared as just finished, that is the right time for all students to have vacation, am I right? haha. No! that's totally wrong. It tries to tell you that the exam is waiting for you next. Erghhhh.. Exam is around the corner, as most students often say.

Now, I'm having my very short break within few days to get relax from those non-stop lectures and classes. All of them were really tough and kinda burdensome. Why? Only students know how they express their feeling as to the classes that they attended before.

Having arranged all the stuffs, notes and exercises that I've taken and given for this semester, I feel a bit relax and next I need to make a schedule i.e my own study schedule. This will help me much and what most important is I should put the right priority to the right subject which I need…

At the end of this journey..

I don't know how to express my feeling when reach the ending of this long journey.. many things have been gone through.
To call it as tiring journey, I prefer not.. To call it as best journey, I may not..
To call it as full of reasons journey, YES !
Now, I'm standing on this line, only few steps to reach the end, what matters, go and reach the end-line! no matter what will happen in the future.
Right now i feel like every single thing happens in my life, at this very comfortable place, has thousand or reasons, which actually will make my life so happy.
Hope that for this remaining times, I will enjoy all things, I will get benefit from all things, I may benefit others, I may reach the line !

Recognition V. MQA

Salam friends...
Ya Allah, Only You knows what lies within myself at this moment. I've been selected as one of the students who will be interviewed by the MQA. Yeah,'s MQA !

At first, I really don't get this. How can I be selected? Haha.. But, I try to accept this, admit the reality that surrounds me :)

TOMORROW, The interview session will commence.  Hope that I may answer all the questions posted to me. Hope that I may help my friends who will come with me during the session. Hope that everything will be answered and not left unanswered.
so many hope :P
Ya Allah, please bless us for tomorrow session, grant us the wisdom, save us from any bad ending.

We are in a BATTLE

It's just like in a BATTLE.
Those who lost and died during the battle  have to be left behind  to struggle against the enemy in the battle.
But one day later, those who died will be remembered will be respected as FIGHTERS !

p/s: keep on struggling Acid !

Semua atas Izin-NYA

"Tiada satu pun daun yang gugur ke bumi  tanpa izin dari Allah SWT. Begitu jugalah pertemuan & perkenalan kita, semua ini atas ketentuanNYA. Semoga ini akan menjadi satu rangkaian ibadah, untuk kita sama-sama memuji kebesaranNYA.."

p/s: such a great quote that i've heard & taken from a film.