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Talk less, do more

Assalamualaykum.. Harap semua dalam keadaan sihat walafiat..

Since I was transferred from SMAN Tambunan to SMAN Papar, I have learnt few things in educational environment. The two places are similar but the approaches are totally different. What I could wrap up here that "Talk less, Do more. Walk the talk.!"
I really hope that I can cope with this new environment as I still fresh in education. Long experience doesn't make you a great teacher if you didn't know what your students were saying about you. I meant the approaches and strategies that you take in teaching.
That's all. It's kinda brief since I was wondering about my goals to achieve.

Hibernate Mode

It's been a long time haven't post anything on this wall. Too many things to be handled and few mistakes and irregularities that need to be settled down. Thanks to Allah, I survive.
So, the period will be my Hibernate Mode, in which I have some times to collect my strength and spirit, to get them back on track.
Will see you soon, more to write. !