27 December 2011

Exam Schedule: Good Luck

"There's no need to complicate, our time is short, this is our fate, I'm yours.." by Jason Mraz.

Will start this entry with "Allahuakbar"... A word simply shows that I am now quite happy. After being told by a friend of mine, my exam schedule was changed, I really hope that the new schedule will be more better than the former. 

Good Luck =]

All praises to Allah The Almighty, the new schedule just make me happy and feel like I should grab this chance and opportunity to score for this semester. Even few seniors said that this semester is the most tough one, I will prove that it will not be the same again as they faced before.

May Allah grant me wisdom to do my best on this coming exam. InshaAllah. So what are you waiting for? Jom Study !!

for the pikcher, credit to my true friend, Nazim Amzed. Thanks!

24 December 2011

It's study week friend !

"Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side, It's the climb" - The Climb by Miley Cyrus

When the lectures and classes are declared as just finished, that is the right time for all students to have vacation, am I right? haha. No! that's totally wrong. It tries to tell you that the exam is waiting for you next. Erghhhh.. Exam is around the corner, as most students often say.

Criminal Procedure Code Lecture with Dato Faiza Thambi Chik.
Will see you next semester Dato. Inshaallah.

Arbitration Law Class with Dr.Zulkifli Hasan.
Really enjoy his class. Thanks Dr !

Now, I'm having my very short break within few days to get relax from those non-stop lectures and classes. All of them were really tough and kinda burdensome. Why? Only students know how they express their feeling as to the classes that they attended before.

Having arranged all the stuffs, notes and exercises that I've taken and given for this semester, I feel a bit relax and next I need to make a schedule i.e my own study schedule. This will help me much and what most important is I should put the right priority to the right subject which I need to give full and more attention. Yeah, I also have my flaws. Human being cannot run away from any flaws and lacking. Am I ? hehe.

A week is allocated for students to study or so-called 'revision' especially me and my comrades who take up arbitration law as elective. The rest of us will start later. This one week should be utilized wisely. I need to study all six subjects within a week! Inshaallah, I believe that Allah will help me.

At this moment, I am still on my short break, hehe. Hope that every problem that I'm facing right now can be solved immediately. Preserving my relationship with friends and most important with ALLAH SWT. Then, wish also no tension will arise. Inshaallah.

Usually, 'sesi minta keberkatan' will be held once lecture has been finished for that semester.

Wish me luck and wish me can finish my revision (study) within this very limited week. Thanks :)

Credit: All pikchers taken from Anis Niskala facebook. Thanks friend =)

21 December 2011

At the end of this journey..

I don't know how to express my feeling
when reach the ending of this long journey..
many things have been gone through.

To call it as tiring journey, I prefer not..
To call it as best journey, I may not..
To call it as full of reasons journey, YES !

Now, I'm standing on this line,
only few steps to reach the end,
what matters, go and reach the end-line!
no matter what will happen in the future.

Right now i feel like every single thing happens in my life,
at this very comfortable place,
has thousand or reasons,
which actually will make my life so happy.

Hope that for this remaining times,
I will enjoy all things,
I will get benefit from all things,
I may benefit others,
I may reach the line !

20 December 2011

Recognition V. MQA

Salam friends...

Ya Allah, Only You knows what lies within myself at this moment.
I've been selected as one of the students who will be interviewed by the MQA.
Yeah,..it's MQA !

At first, I really don't get this. How can I be selected? Haha..
But, I try to accept this, admit the reality that surrounds me :)

The interview session will commence. 
Hope that I may answer all the questions posted to me.
Hope that I may help my friends who will come with me during the session.
Hope that everything will be answered and not left unanswered.
so many hope :P

Ya Allah, please bless us for tomorrow session,
grant us the wisdom,
save us from any bad ending.

15 December 2011

We are in a BATTLE

It's just like in a BATTLE.
Those who lost and died during the battle 
have to be left behind 
to struggle against the enemy in the battle.
But one day later,
those who died will be remembered
will be respected

p/s: keep on struggling Acid !

12 December 2011

Semua atas Izin-NYA

"Tiada satu pun daun yang gugur ke bumi 
tanpa izin dari Allah SWT.
Begitu jugalah pertemuan & perkenalan kita,
semua ini atas ketentuanNYA.
Semoga ini akan menjadi satu rangkaian ibadah,
untuk kita sama-sama memuji kebesaranNYA.."

p/s: such a great quote that i've heard & taken from a film.

28 November 2011

Pada-MU aku bersujud...

Ku menatap dalam gelap, 
tiada yang bisa kulihat
selain hanya nama-Mu..ya Allah

Esok ataukah nanti,
ampuni semua salahku
lindungi aku darisegala fitnah

Kau tempatku meminta,
kau beriku bahagia
jadikan aku selamanya
hambamu yang selalu bertaubat

Ampuniku ya Allah,
yang sering melupakanmu
saat kau limpahkan karuniamu 
dalam sunyinya aku bersujud...

27 November 2011

Kondisi Bapa


Buat masa ini, my dad (bapa) masih dalam wad Hospital Queen Elizabeth KK.
Alhamdulillah, my sisters bagitahu kondisi bapa ok sahaja tetapi
dia tidak boleh minum banyak air
sebab akan menyebabkan kaki & tangannya jadi bengkak.

Inshaallah, jumaat depan akan ada lagi scanning dari pihak pakar.
Sekarang pakar masih buat kajian
dan semua ahli keluarga menunggu laporan daripada mereka.

Semoga semuanya sihat & selamat.

25 November 2011

"KARMA" - USIM 1st Mock Trial

Nantikan MOCK TRIAL USIM 2011 pada 02 Disember 2011 ini.
Semua dijemput hadir.

Tiket RM5. =P

24 November 2011

Ya Rabb, Make Me Strong

Ya Rabbi, it shocked me when my sister inform me that
my father is now being warded
usually at Hospital Papar,
but now at Hospital Queen Elizabeth Kota Kinabalu.

He will undergo an operation,
do pray for his healthy.
Hope that everything will go well.

Ya Allah..
please make me strong.
I can't focus doing anything.

May Allah protect him, 
bless him and
 grant him strength to face all this.

21 November 2011

Congratulation Harimau Malaya

Yeah...that was awesome!!

Congratulation to Malaysian Football Team 
for their winning at 26th Sea Games 2011 in Indonesia for this year.
They managed to go the final and proved that we are the champion!!


Your hardwork and effort finally been paid off. Go Malaysia!!

Go Harimau Malaya!!

20 November 2011

it's all about procedure!

Civil Procedure

Criminal Procedure

Civil and Criminal Procedure in Syariah Court

That's a list of courses that I need to face for this semester. 
Every single day will deal with provisions,
all of them I need to remember well.
I hope so.

Wish that I will come with well-structured mind during the exam.
Indeed, it requires huge & smart preparation.

Study Smart Ya Acid !

19 November 2011

I will also get the same!

Oh it's really inspiring and seems like it gives me courage to step much further. 
What was it? 

Yeah, It's really such a happy & glad moment 
when seeing my friends taking their all convocation's stuffs. 
Especially their robe!! 
Ya Allah, I really want that robe. 

InshaAllah if everything goes well, I will get it one day.
Just be patient and optimist. Strive for excel in another journey Acid!

My seniors : Zahid & Razlan.

p/s: Each moment with them actually encourage me a lot to get my own. 

18 November 2011



Actually I don't have any idea to post about this but it seems important for me to express my own view and 'situation' right now. I just spontaneously write this. 

Yeah, now I'm in my final year of study in this so-called university. 
Being a final year student is much more stressful because I need to accomplish many tasks which were given and assigned without consulting us (me & my comrades) in which may consequently put us in 'trouble situation'.

( tasks + exam preparation + self-plan ) A Day = TROUBLE !

Sometimes, we need to voice out this 'situation' to our teachers (LECTURER also come within the definition of TEACHER) so that they may assign us with ample tasks accordingly. Students also need their own time to do the other works that beneficial to their study as well as their future life. Student should have their 'self-investment'.

On the other part, these tasks are actually beneficial to our lives as student as well. 
The purpose of having that task is to give us further information plus to broaden our knowledge.

Again, too many tasks could spoil students' time that they have planned earlier. The task should be given according to 'necessity' and 'materiality' not to show that the teachers are working hard for the students. That's totally wrong if he/she does so for people to respect him/her. Teachers are those very smart people and have their own consideration. 
Do consider student's concern first then your 'hidden hope' in giving the task.

As for students, they should not simply refuse when being assigned with study-related tasks.
Accept it and try to finish it timely. Having more times doesn't mean to finish it inattentively. That's our duty and it is compulsory to accomplish it.

To sum up, here few general do(s) and don't(s) that a STUDENT should heed well:

- Manage time wisely as a student not else.
- Collect the info & data earlier and do it later (alternatively).
- Ask help from comrades.
- Make a reminder.

- Don't put off .
- Don't ask for extension of dateline.
- Avoid imitation.

That's all. Bye~

p/s: I wrote this because I am currently on 'disordered-mind' due to bundle of tasks that need to be done in a dateline. I really need to re-plan my schedule and manage my time wisely. To disclaim, I beg pardon if this post do criticize any TEACHERS or LECTURERS out there. 

12 November 2011

End of Holiday


Today, 12.11.2011 is the last day of my holiday here: 
where? Jitra (Bukit Indah, Kubang Pasu).

Sadly, it will end today.
We'll going back to Nilai tonight.
Yeah, the old town one.

Through a week,
many experiences were gained,
I put all the happiness inside,
at the very bottom of my heart...yeah!!

Whatever it is,
it ends, since it's begun.

Thanks for every single thing & moment:
Especially to Md.Nazim's family,
a very kind & loving family, indeed I ever met,
will miss everyone here;
Ayah & Umi,
Kak Long & Bang Long
Kak Ngah & Abang Amirul (Kajang)
Kak Chik

I just wanna say:




Jazakumullah Al-Khair..


07 November 2011

Aidil Adha 1432H : Di Perantauan Lagi...



Alhamdulillah..syukur dipanjatkan ke hadrat Allah SWT kerana dengan izin-NYA, aku berkesempatan meraikan hari raya aidil adha @ korban pada tahun 2011 ini.
Rasa syukur & gembira.

Di sebalik kesyukuran & kegembiraan itu,
aku masih sedih kerana pada tahun ini sudah kali kedua aku merayakan aidil adha di perantauan, d negeri orang, bukan di negeri aku sendiri (SABAH).

Apakan daya, itulah yang perlu aku jalani sebagai seorang perantau. Syukurlah aku masih diberi kesempatan untuk berada di hari yang penuh kemuliaan & keberkatan ini.


Di subuh hari, bersama seorang sahabat Md.Nazim Amzed, tiba di Hentian Bas Jitra. 
Ya Allah, akhirnya aku sampai juga di negeri darul aman ini.
(Walaupun sebenarnya aku rasa semakin jauh dari keluarga, aku cuba lapangkan hati & fikiran untuk terima hakikat yang aku tidak bersama mereka pada raya korban ini.)

Solat Sunat Aidil Adha, syahdu & damai...mendengar suara takbir & bersama-sama melaungkan takbir, memuji kebesaran Allah SWT dan mensyukuri segala nikmatnya.


Inilah keadaannya bila menyambut hari raya bersama orang lain,
keluarga seorang sahabat karibku,
ya,..bukan keluarga aku sendiri,
aku cuba mencari kegembiraan, namun tetap gagal,
kerana aku asyik teringat Mak & Bapa aku di kampung,
walaupun pada malam raya itu aku sudah menghubungi mereka,
di kampung kesayanganku, nun jauh di sana.

Malam ini aku cuba melupakan kesedihan,
mencuba untuk menikmati kegembiraan yang ada,
Alhamdulillah, aku dapat merasainya.
Terima Kasih Sahabat.


Semalam, aku sudah diberitahu oleh Md.Nazim, sahabatku.
Pada hari ini akan diadakan majlis korban.
sudah lama aku tidak menghadiri majlis seperti ini.
Maklumlah, di kampung halamanku jarang sekali majlis seperti ini diadakan.

Alhamdulillah, sepanjang acara tersebut,
aku dapat melihat pelbagai karenah & ragam,
ya..orang asing..
tetapi aku tidak sedikit merasa asing,..
aku sendiri pelik kenapa aku jadi seperti itu...
mungkin kerana Allah ingin berikan aku kesempatan
untuk merasai betapa manisnya bila berada di perantauan
merayakan aidil adha bersama orang yang langsung aku tidak kenali...

Rasullah SAW pernah bersabda:

Maksudnya : "Tiada dibuat oleh anak Adam pada Hari Raya Adha akan sesuatu amal yang lebih disukai oleh Allah Ta'ala daripada menumpahkan darah (menyembelih korban). Bahawa korban itu datang pada hari kiamat dengan tunduk-tunduknya, bulu-bulunya dan kuku-kukunya. Sesungguhnya darah korban itu mengambil tempat yang mulia di sisi Allah sebelum darah itu tumpah ke bumi, maka hendaklah kamu buat korban itu dengan hati yang bersih." (Hadith riwayat Tirmidzi) 



[atas kurniaanNYA; rezeki, kesihatan, sahabat & orang yg baik]
[atas segala pengorbanan].

Sekian, Wasalam.

22 October 2011

Sahabat, Bawaku Ke Syurga...

...Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang...
Kita tidak mungkin selamat mengarungi bahtera kehidupan yang sangat luas dengan ancaman badai fitnah ini seorang diri. Kita tak dapat lepas dari ancaman fitnah dengan hanya mengandaikan kemampuan sendiri. Kerana kita diciptakan sebagai makhluk yang penuh kelemahan dan mudah terpedaya.
"Dan diciptakan manusia itu dalam keadaan lemah" Surah An-Nisa [4]:28
Kebersamaan dan persahabatan di jalan Allah lah yang akan menghantarkan kita menyelesaikan hidup dengan kebaikan. Persaudaraan, kebersamaan dan persahabatan di jalan Allah lah yang juga akan mengiringi kita pada kebahagian akhirat. Dan hanya persahabatan atas dasar iman dan taqwa lah yang abadi. Hal ini selaras dengan firman Allah dalam Al-Quran:
“Teman-teman akrab pada hari itu(hari kiamat) sebahagiannya menjadi musuh bagi sebahagian yang lain kecuali orang-orang yang bertaqwa.” Surah Az-Zukhruf [43]:67
Ibnu Katsir mengatakan, seluruh persahabatn yang tidak dilandaskan kerana Allah pada hari kiamat akan berubah menjadi permusuhan.

Begitu juga pesan Rasulullah SAW dalam hadisnya 
yang menyebutkan bahawa:

"Kita akan dibangkitkan di hari kiamat bersama orang yang kita cintai."

Siapa orang yang kita cintai?
Siapa orang-orang yang paling dekat dengan kita dalam menelusuri hidup ini?
Siapa orang yang paling menghiasi ingatan kita?
Siapa yang menemani langkah-langkah hidup kita?
Orang solehkah dia?
Mengajak ke arah kebaikan dan keredhaan Allah kah dia?
Dan alangkah indahnya seandainya ada pertemuan yang sangat mengharukan dan penuh kegembiraan. Mari mulai dari sekarang, kita bersahabat dengan orang-orang yang mendekatkan kita pada redha Allah SWT.
Sahabat, bawaku ke syurga...