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Sweet Achievement of The Year

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته

Setelah sekian lama tidak muncul di ruangan ini, 
kini AK kembali mengisi masa-masa kosong ini 
dengan coretan-coretan sepanjang kesibukan AK bagi tahun 2015 ini.

Memang banyak perkara yang ingin dikongsikan,
tetapi AK akan ambil mana yang bagi AK patut AK kongsikan
maksudnya, ada pelajaran bagi kejadian tu
(lesson behind the things happened and i learnt something from it)
In Shaa Allah, the stories will be shared in compact and precise.

Okay, I will start this entry with what I called as "Sweet Achievement of The Year".
Actually, it wasn't really my full story but I was part of them (as I thought)
proud of being there with them throughout the journey (prefer to call it as 'the climb')
giving them motivation, ensure them feel inspired and never give up..

The story is all about..

SMU 2015
Guys, heed this lyrics !

"Disebalik kepayahan,
disitulah kekuatan
tekad hati azimat di perjalanan
mengejar impian.."

Mengejar Impian by Mestica


Talk less, do more

Assalamualaykum.. Harap semua dalam keadaan sihat walafiat..

Since I was transferred from SMAN Tambunan to SMAN Papar, I have learnt few things in educational environment. The two places are similar but the approaches are totally different. What I could wrap up here that "Talk less, Do more. Walk the talk.!"
I really hope that I can cope with this new environment as I still fresh in education. Long experience doesn't make you a great teacher if you didn't know what your students were saying about you. I meant the approaches and strategies that you take in teaching.
That's all. It's kinda brief since I was wondering about my goals to achieve.

Hibernate Mode

It's been a long time haven't post anything on this wall. Too many things to be handled and few mistakes and irregularities that need to be settled down. Thanks to Allah, I survive.
So, the period will be my Hibernate Mode, in which I have some times to collect my strength and spirit, to get them back on track.
Will see you soon, more to write. !