It's study week friend !

"Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side, It's the climb" - The Climb by Miley Cyrus

When the lectures and classes are declared as just finished, that is the right time for all students to have vacation, am I right? haha. No! that's totally wrong. It tries to tell you that the exam is waiting for you next. Erghhhh.. Exam is around the corner, as most students often say.

Criminal Procedure Code Lecture with Dato Faiza Thambi Chik.
Will see you next semester Dato. Inshaallah.

Arbitration Law Class with Dr.Zulkifli Hasan.
Really enjoy his class. Thanks Dr !

Now, I'm having my very short break within few days to get relax from those non-stop lectures and classes. All of them were really tough and kinda burdensome. Why? Only students know how they express their feeling as to the classes that they attended before.

Having arranged all the stuffs, notes and exercises that I've taken and given for this semester, I feel a bit relax and next I need to make a schedule i.e my own study schedule. This will help me much and what most important is I should put the right priority to the right subject which I need to give full and more attention. Yeah, I also have my flaws. Human being cannot run away from any flaws and lacking. Am I ? hehe.

A week is allocated for students to study or so-called 'revision' especially me and my comrades who take up arbitration law as elective. The rest of us will start later. This one week should be utilized wisely. I need to study all six subjects within a week! Inshaallah, I believe that Allah will help me.

At this moment, I am still on my short break, hehe. Hope that every problem that I'm facing right now can be solved immediately. Preserving my relationship with friends and most important with ALLAH SWT. Then, wish also no tension will arise. Inshaallah.

Usually, 'sesi minta keberkatan' will be held once lecture has been finished for that semester.

Wish me luck and wish me can finish my revision (study) within this very limited week. Thanks :)

Credit: All pikchers taken from Anis Niskala facebook. Thanks friend =)


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