Broadening Knowledge & Deepening Skills

"keep on moving, don't stop like the hands of time" - by Soul II Soul.

I feel much better and relieved when I managed to find a lawfirm which handles syariah cases nearby my hometome i.e Papar, Sabah. 

Alhamdulillah, the lovely and very kind syarie lawyer accepted my chambering application after she read my resume and did a brief interview. Even she also commented that I have to modify my resume so that it looks like an application for a job not for a scholarship. Thanks for the advice anyway~

Now, I need to broaden my knowledge and deepen my skills in syariah matters, include drafting affidavits, preparing bundles and so on. At the meantime, I have to settle my another commitment for my family. May Allah SWT bless me all the way to reach the success. 

For me, my new life just begins...(but not officially lah). Then, I started to think many plans ahead. As I always say to myself, "It's not wrong to have a dream, even dreams, because dream will push you to step forward."

Life is short, no time to stay even for a while. Life is about to keep on moving.

Wallahu A'lam.


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