18 September 2014

Cuti Sekolah


Untuk makluman semua, sekarang ini tengah cuti sekolah.
Maksudnya, saya kena balik rumah lah jawabnya.
Balik kampung in other words.

Wait !

Banyak tests @ imtihan mahu buat lepas cuti nanti.
And i haven't prepare the questions yet. So how ?
Any suggestion ?

Okay. Lama tidak balik, so balik saja lah.
Bring along your work back home. You may finish your work at your home bro!
Wow, such a brilliant idea.

Okay. I'm home.
Ini kisahnya di rumah.
Day 1 of break, wasn't a productive day at all.
Day 2 of break, wasn't a productive day.
(Okay, i'll try my best to do some work tomorrow. I promise!)
Day 3, i didn't touch my work instead buat kerja mirath @ faraidh.
Was it the work that i should finish off ? No!

Enough. I should decide now whether to stay or go back to school.
Balik sekolah or stay sampai habis cuti.
Priority bro!
Okay, muktamad. I will go back to school.

That's the reality i had when was at home for a short school break. Had no productive days at all.
Yeah, maybe spending time with my beloved family boleh dipertimbangkan keperluan kasih sayang.
I see, the theory of Keperluan by Abraham Maslow is now applied. (out of track!!)

That's all. Terima kasih.

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