Actually I don't have any idea to post about this but it seems important for me to express my own view and 'situation' right now. I just spontaneously write this. 

Yeah, now I'm in my final year of study in this so-called university. 
Being a final year student is much more stressful because I need to accomplish many tasks which were given and assigned without consulting us (me & my comrades) in which may consequently put us in 'trouble situation'.

( tasks + exam preparation + self-plan ) A Day = TROUBLE !

Sometimes, we need to voice out this 'situation' to our teachers (LECTURER also come within the definition of TEACHER) so that they may assign us with ample tasks accordingly. Students also need their own time to do the other works that beneficial to their study as well as their future life. Student should have their 'self-investment'.

On the other part, these tasks are actually beneficial to our lives as student as well. 
The purpose of having that task is to give us further information plus to broaden our knowledge.

Again, too many tasks could spoil students' time that they have planned earlier. The task should be given according to 'necessity' and 'materiality' not to show that the teachers are working hard for the students. That's totally wrong if he/she does so for people to respect him/her. Teachers are those very smart people and have their own consideration. 
Do consider student's concern first then your 'hidden hope' in giving the task.

As for students, they should not simply refuse when being assigned with study-related tasks.
Accept it and try to finish it timely. Having more times doesn't mean to finish it inattentively. That's our duty and it is compulsory to accomplish it.

To sum up, here few general do(s) and don't(s) that a STUDENT should heed well:

- Manage time wisely as a student not else.
- Collect the info & data earlier and do it later (alternatively).
- Ask help from comrades.
- Make a reminder.

- Don't put off .
- Don't ask for extension of dateline.
- Avoid imitation.

That's all. Bye~

p/s: I wrote this because I am currently on 'disordered-mind' due to bundle of tasks that need to be done in a dateline. I really need to re-plan my schedule and manage my time wisely. To disclaim, I beg pardon if this post do criticize any TEACHERS or LECTURERS out there. 


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