Abiding Hope and Love

A tiny little raindrop offers hope and promise too 
of its great potential for what it can do. 
when a raindrop falls to earth it contains the power 
to provide a little drink for a growing flower. 
falling from the sky onto the earth below, 
it’s able to assist a fresh, new blade of grass to grow. 

What the raindrop can accomplish has a limit on its own, 
the benefit is small when it is all alone; 
but when it joins together with others in the rain, 
the effects of its nourishment become much more plain. 
the raindrops, joined in unity, quench the thirsty ground, 
plants grow and flowers bloom, spreading beauty all around. 

We each can learn a lesson from the raindrop, it is true, 
about our own potential for hope and promise too. 
we each contain the power to be the best we can be, 
to love and help others, even individually,
but if we unite together, all the good things that we do 
will be greater when multiplied by the power of a few.

one little rain drop can make a difference when joined together with other raindrops...


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